Family members and friends are encouraged to visit. Regular visiting hours vary between the different buildings and according to the day of the week, weekend or holiday. Please check schedules below.

Planning Your Visit

To arrange for a visit, please contact the Social Worker or the Unit staff in advance of your visit. Patients participate in scheduled daily activities including therapy and educational programs. With advance notice, we can prevent unnecessary delays in your visit and interruptions in the client’s treatment schedule.

On rare occasions, it may be in the best interest of the client for the Treatment Team to limit visiting. Program Staff will advise and discuss with the client’s family/friends any such restrictions.

Only patients with the appropriate Level and Pass will be allowed outside visits with their family/friends. These visits fall under the set visiting times for each Unit, with the exception of no outdoors visits after dark.

Visitors can obtain maps and information regarding how to find a location on the Hospital grounds, by going to the Switchboard located in the lobby of the Heninger Administration Building. The lobby is open from 7 am to 8 pm every day.

Items Not Allowed on Hospital Grounds

  • Alcoholic Beverages




  • Firearms


    Recording Devices

Forensic Unit Visiting

  • Visiting Rooms

    Visiting rooms are located by each Unit. Visitors are not allowed in the patient living areas. Some visits might require supervision. Treatment Teams will notify family if such applies.

  • On Grounds/Off Grounds

    Off ward visits need to be cleared with the Treatment Team prior to the arrival of the visitor. Patients should submit a request or have the visitor call the treatment team to arrange for a visit.

  • Visiting hours

    Visiting hours are between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. It is advised that visitors call the unit to check on their loved one’s status as well as schedules for therapy groups and activities. This will help to ensure that the patient will be available at the time they plan to arrive. Patient Group times usually fall between 9-10 am and 1-4 pm.

  • Bringing Items

    Please be cautious of the items you bring to the unit. Illegal and contraband items are prohibited. Any containers, whether holding food, drink, cosmetics, etc., should be soft or pliable. Even glass and hard plastic can be potentially dangerous for some patients. In addition, visitors should not bring sharp objects such as; scissors, nail clippers, razors, pens, bobby pins, or pierced earrings, etc. No over the counter or prescription medications are to be given to the patient.

  • Food and Drink

    If food is brought, it is to be eaten outside of the Unit, or if the child is restricted to only on Unit visits, it is to be eaten in the Visitors Room. Please do not bring food for the patient to take back onto the Unit.

  • Money

    Money in excess of five dollars that is brought for a patient is to be turned into the switchboard operator. They will provide a receipt and the money will be deposited in the patient’s account. This is done to help assure the money is kept safe. If up to five dollars is given to the patient, the visitor should notify the unit staff before the money is given.

  • Small Children

    If visitors plan to bring small children or large groups (more than four persons), visitors should clear this with the treatment team prior to leaving home to make sure these visits can be safely accommodated. Children must remain under parental supervision at all times and in the designated area.

  • Final Clearance

    Even though a visit has been cleared ahead of time, there may be an occasion in which the patient is not stable enough for a visit by the time the visitor arrives at the hospital. Final clearance takes place when the visitor checks in at the switchboard in the Administration building before coming to the unit.

  • Off Unit Visits

    All off-unit visits must be cleared by the treatment team prior to the time of the visit. Generally a three day notice is required to allow the Treatment Team time to approve the visit and make necessary arrangements. Patients at Utah State Hospital are not allowed to drive while on any type of visit.

  • Patient Accompaniment

    If a visit involves off-unit or off-ground locations, the visitor must accompany the patient at all times while off the unit and escort them back to the unit. Lack of supervision may result in denial of future off-unit visits.

Pediatric Unit Visiting

  • Call in Advance

    It is recommended families call the RN in advance to ensure their child is on the Unit and is at an appropriate level for visitation.

  • 3 levels of visitation

    On the Unit, On Campus and Off Campus. In order for a patient to go off campus with a visitor, a doctor’s order is required and would need to be arranged in advance of the visit.

  • Visiting hours

    Preferred visiting hours on weekdays are from 5 pm to 9 pm. Weekend visiting is allowed anytime from 8 am to 10 pm.

  • Food and Drink

    If food is brought, it is to be eaten outside of the Unit, or if the child is restricted to only on Unit visits, it is to be eaten in the Visitors Room. Please do not bring food for the patient to take back onto the Unit.

  • Further Information

    Further information for visitation on the Children’s, Boys’ and Girls’ Units is given to parents/guardians upon their child’s admission to Utah State Hospital.