Social Work

USH Internships

USH internships in Social Work are offered year-round to BYU, U of U, and UVU students.

Licensed Clinical Social Workers supervise interns in a variety of clinical settings.


Social Work Interns at the State Hospital have a unique opportunity to work with patients of all ages suffering from severe mental illness. Interns are able to hone their clinical skills using a variety of techniques in both individual and group therapy modalities. Interns become part of a multi-disciplinary treatment team and are an integral part of the treatment planning and implementation process. Through the clinical practice work at the Hospital, students will gain invaluable experience that will serve as a solid base from which to build their careers.


  Must be at least 18 years of age.

  Must be a student of one of the aforementioned Universities.

  Must be mentally, emotionally, and physically sound and be able to engage challenging patients while providing meaningful clinical treatment.

  Must be personable and ready to learn.

Contact Info

Steve Phair

(801) 616-0124