Mountain Springs Pediatric Building

Adult and pediatric patients’ are referred for admission to USH by the local mental health authority.  Local mental health authorities are allocated beds by the Legislature based on the population in their area.  Referrals are accepted for admission if they meet both the admission criteria outlined in Utah Statute and the active inpatient treatment standards identified by the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS).

Individuals are committed to the Department of Human Services and admitted to the Utah State Hospital Forensic Facility through the District Courts in the State of Utah.  Individuals are admitted under the status of Not Competent to Proceed, Guilty and Mentally Ill and Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity.

Castle Amphitheater

State agencies, the general public, and USH employees may reserve and use the facilities such as the amphitheater, orchard for photos, fish pond / pavilion, and campground.  Persons / agencies desiring to use any of the facilities may make a request by contacting the Legal Services Department at 801-344-4276.  Donations required.

(801) 344-4276

The forgotten Patient Christmas Project has served hospital patients for over 50 years. This project recruits volunteers from the community to provide Christmas gifts for patients that would literally be “forgotten” without their help. 320 patients were sponsored in 2015 and each patient knew that someone was thinking about them during the holiday season.

Each patient makes up a list of what they would like for Christmas and the sponsor purchases some or all of those items, wraps each present and delivers them to the hospital.

Some community groups do service projects to provide a stocking for each patient filled with candy and personal hygiene items. Other groups come to the hospital and provide concerts for the patients.

The week before Christmas, gifts fill the gymnasium as hospital employees sort the incoming gifts to have them ready for each patient on Christmas morning. Imagine the joy each patient feels when they wake up on Christmas morning and there are gifts chosen specifically for them.

Christmas is a happy day at the hospital for many patients because they know someone in the world cared enough to give them a personal gift.

If you are interested in sponsoring a patient, please contact Shawna Peterson, Director of Volunteer Services at 801-344-4254.


Gifts and donations, including money, supplies, equipment or miscellaneous items are received and registered by the Volunteer Coordinator. A receipt for tax purposes is available upon request. Gifts or donations intended for a specific purpose such as the Forgotten Patient Christmas Program will be recorded as such, and used only for that purpose. All other gifts and donations will be used for the benefit of clients hospital-wide, including client activities and special events. If you would like to give a gift/donation, you may contact the volunteer Services Coordinator, Shawna Peterson, at (801) 344-4254.
***The Utah State Hospital Museum will be closed until January 2019 for renovation. For further information call Janina Chilton, Historian at 385-277-0289.***

Museum hours are Tuesday and Thursday, 1-5 p.m. Group tours can be arranged for other times and days by calling Janina Chilton, Historian at 385-277-0289 or Shawna Peterson, Volunteer Services Coordinator at 801-344-4254.
The Utah State Hospital Museum is located in two rooms in the historic Superintendents Home. The home is located on the hospital campus at 1300 East Center Street in Provo. It is the first building on the north side of the street as you enter the hospital.

The museum contains both photographs and artifacts that bring to life the hospital’s history and the history of the treatment of mental illness over the past one hundred and twenty three years.

The goal of the museum is show how far treatment has progressed and to remind us that the history is still being written. These two small rooms contain a profound part of the history of the treatment of mental illness in Utah.